Career Goal

I am looking for contract work in instructional design/online learning. My passion for all types of learning has led to receiving over $400,000 in grants, creating online lessons with a variety of technologies, and most important, working with a range of peopleā€”in the US and UK. I have worked with surgeons, airline pilots, psychologists, computer programmers, and family doctors to create in-person and online learning activities.

While working with these professionals, I applied my skills as a system administrator with Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard. When those systems were not suited for our learning goals, I applied my skills in software development to create a specific solution, using development tools like Captivate, JavaScript, HTML, C#, and SQL. In all this work, I make deliberate efforts to earn and keep the respect of my colleagues, so we can complete our work on time, feel proud of what we accomplished, and assess what we have done for ongoing improvement.