Selected Stories

If musician walks through a store with nice instruments, she probably can’t resist picking up one or two and playing a bit. I’m the same with words. I often have to play with a few. The list below contains some of my favorite short stories. These stories don’t have the humor I include in my novels, but I hope you still enjoy the stories.

London by Bike

(250 words, 1 page in MS Word, double spaced) I love cycling as much as writing. This little story shows some reasons why.

Elroy’s Left

(1,500 words, 5 pages in MS Word, double spaced) This story’s about my Dad, who I miss much more than London. He grew up in tough times but got through it. This story shows some of that.

Stop Yelling!

(2,100 words, 8 pages in MS Word, double spaced) Like all my stories, I submitted this one to a competition. The guidelines for this competition asked for stories with tension. I gave them what they wanted, so this story is harder to read than others. The story’s not violent or graphic. I don’t write that stuff, but it might make you uncomfortable, in ways we all might need.

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