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Steven R Malkowski, PhD

Portfolio of work with eLearning and learning.

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5 minute sample of a lecture I gave about survey research, to medical students at the University of London.
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13 page student handbook for a course I led at the University of London.

Staff Development

5 minute sample of a presentation about a new incentive program I designed and implemented to increase eLearning development.
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94 page Faculty Design Manual that I wrote at Walden University to help faculty create an online course.


Website introducing cyclists to bike touring. It includes a pre-test, 3 lessons, and a branching simulation where learners apply what they learned in the lessons.
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Online presentation introducing a mobile app that replaced paper forms, for medical students.
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Online lesson for cyclists that shows them how to be safer by making decisions about real-world situations. The lesson uses responsive HTML, so it can be viewed on computers or mobile devices.

Grants Received
  • £200,000 ($330,000) from the Joint Information Systems Committee, in the UK
  • $10,000 from St. Cloud State University Internal Grants Committee, in Minnesota
  • $14,000 from Indiana University School of Graduate Studies
  • $120,000 from North Central Research Laboratory, in the US
Presentations & Publications
  • Lead presenter in 8 conference presentations
  • Assistant presenter in 5 conference presentations
  • Lead author in 5 journal articles and book chapters
  • Assistant author in 4 journal articles
Hobbies: Endurance Sports
  • Ran 3 marathons & 5 half marathons
  • Cycled 4,200 miles across the US
  • Cycled 1,100 miles across the UK
About Me

I enjoy working with many parts of eLearning, as this page shows. If you are interested, I have a blog post describing more about me.

Contact Me

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me on LinkedIn.

Resume & CV
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